Diabetic foot care is about much more than treating acute podiatric problems as they arise. At Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC, in East New York, Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Vader offers truly comprehensive diabetic foot care, including diagnosis, treatment, and effective prevention tips so you know how to avoid common problems and stay healthy. Call the office or use the online appointment maker to book your visit with Dr. Vader now.

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Do I need diabetic foot care?

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you need diabetic foot exams because they’re an integral part of overall diabetic foot care. High blood sugar can cause nerve and blood vessel damage, which cause or contribute to a variety of foot problems, including non-healing wounds, calluses, corns, foot ulcers, and other issues.

The American Diabetes Association® advises all diabetes sufferers to undergo annual foot exams. During diabetic foot exams, Dr. Vader evaluates foot health and addresses issues, but that’s only one part of the care you get at Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC. You’ll also learn about potential problems and what you need to do to prevent them.

What is a foot ulcer?

Foot ulcers, a common complication of diabetes, are open wounds that don’t heal properly. They’re usually on the bottom of your foot but can also appear in other areas, including around the ankle.

About 15% of diabetes sufferers develop foot ulcers, and up to 24% of them end up losing a foot or limb to amputation. Foot ulcers are dangerous for any diabetes sufferer because of compromised healing abilities, which means that it’s important to take even seemingly minor cuts and scrapes on your feet seriously.

If you have an ulcer, Dr. Vader provides advanced wound care to help you heal. She can also prescribe special orthotics to relieve pressure from the wound. By reaching out to Dr. Vader for care whenever you develop suspicious sores on your feet, you have an excellent chance of preventing foot ulcers and their complications.

How can I prevent diabetic foot problems?

Dr. Vader advises you regarding foot care at home. Some simple tips that can help you stay healthy include:

  • Keeping your blood sugar stable
  • Washing and patting your feet dry every day
  • Never going barefoot
  • Trimming your toenails neatly

If you have a history of diabetic foot problems, you may also benefit from special diabetic footwear. This type of diabetic shoe has extra cushioning that can protect against skin breakdown while promoting optimal circulation.

At Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC, you’ll learn everything you need to know for healthy feet, now and for the rest of your life. Call the office or click online booking to set up your diabetic foot care exam now.