Orthotics are custom-made devices that slide into your shoes to correct several podiatric problems, including plantar fasciitis, neuromas, tendonitis, and foot fatigue. At Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC, in East New York, Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Vader takes molds of your feet to create a perfect fit that corrects your precise issues. With custom orthotics, you can be walking pain-free very shortly. Call the office or book your appointment online anytime.

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What are orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that correct a number of different foot and ankle issues. Often, custom orthotics are one of the first-line treatments for both movement problems and physical foot and ankle issues. There are two main categories for orthotics: functional and accommodative.

Functional orthotics

Functional orthotics treat issues related to abnormal foot and ankle movements. They’re typically a hard or semi-rigid material. This type of orthotic repositions your foot and/or ankle to correct the movement, and in turn, alleviates pain or other issues. You might need functional orthotics if you have problems like shin splints or tendinitis. Functional orthotics can also help athletes who want to optimize their performance on the track, court, or field.

Accommodative orthotics

Accommodative orthotics treat foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuromas, and foot fatigue. They can also offer extra cushioning when you have calluses or ulcers, so this kind of orthotic is sometimes part of your diabetic foot care. Accommodative orthotics are usually made of a soft material that still retains its shape while in your shoe.

Dr. Vader prescribes the specific type of orthotic best suited for your foot and ankle issues, and she may also administer other treatments to help you recover quickly.

Can over-the-counter arch supports treat my foot problems?

Over-the-counter arch supports are one-size-fits-all products, and they end up fitting nobody perfectly. Custom orthotics are very different because they fit only you. Over-the-counter products can’t help with chronic foot movement problems or conditions that require major support in specific areas of your foot.

How do you make custom orthotics?

At Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC, Dr. Vader takes molds of your feet to get a very specific set of measurements. A custom orthotics laboratory follows these measurements to create the orthotics that fit your feet perfectly. Thanks to the perfect fit, custom orthotics can correct your issues and allow you to walk pain-free in very little time.

Dr. Vader believes in the power of custom orthotics, and she’s happy to share this amazing nonsurgical solution for foot pain with you now. Call Bonnie Vader, DPM, PC, or click the online appointment scheduler to set up your consultation now.